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Wood - Geometrical Shapes Set Game By Erzi

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This didactic set helps children to understand basic geometrical principles. By seeing, holding and playing children learn the meaning of bodies, surfaces, shapes, symmetry and relations. It's made of solid beechwood.

Solids are 10 or 6 cm high and 6 cm wide/in diameter

The children learn the basic geometric principles through play. They learn the meaning of shapes, size, bodies and surfaces, symmetry and harmony. Children attribute relevant properties to geometric bodies by touching them. Didactic value is upgraded with machining geometric faces on the play mats for better understanding of surfaces, edges and corners.

Includes: 6 geometric shapes (cube, quad, sphere, pyramid, cone and cylinder), 2 play mat (40x40cm)

Size: length 50.5 cm, width 7.5 cm, height 14.5 cm, weight 973 g

Materials: beech, natural state; textile fleece

Recommended for ages 5+.