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Puppet - Storytellers, By Bice Dantona, Bernardo Corbellini & Milaniwood.

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Wooden finger puppets for telling stories. Once upon a time there was a castle, with kings, queens, gallants knights and magical characters.... Make the theatre out of the cardboard, slip the Storytellers onto your fingers and invent fantastical stories by yourself or with friends. These finger puppets help children and adults unlock their imagination and invent fabulous tales.

Includes: 4 different wooden finger puppets that can go on your fingers or a table

For ages 3+

Milaniwood is a brand of exclusively designed ecological wooden games that are 100% manufactured in Italy by T.a.m.i.l., a company that has been making high quality wooden components since 1924. The games are made with FSC wood using machinery fuelled by clean energy, safe, with attention to detail and recyclable packaging made of cotton and cardboard.