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Magnetic Letters, Cardboard By Moulin Rot

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In a pretty cylindrical cardboard box, 54 magnetic cardboard letters, about 4 cm, in primary colours, to learn the alphabet and write your first words while having fun. composition of the letters: A (4 pieces), B (two pieces), C (two pieces), D (two pieces), E (4 pieces), F (two pieces), G (two pieces), H ( two pieces), I (3 pieces), J (two pieces), K (two pieces), L (two pieces), M (two pieces), N (two pieces), O (3 pieces), P (two pieces ), Q (two pieces), R (two pieces), S (two pieces), T (two pieces), U (two pieces), V (two pieces), VWXYZ (one piece to letter). Measures approx 14 x 9 cm. Safety rated for children 3 years old +.

Dans un joli coffret rond, 54 lettres en carton aimantées, d'environ 4 cm, aux couleurs primaires, pour apprendre l'alphabet et écrire ses premiers mots en s'amusant.