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Game - Orangutan: Imitation and Memory Game By Can Seixanta and Londji

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At Londji, we have a family of orangutans who are very keen to monkey about! They all have a great time playing around. They have recently formed a new game; repeating each other's sounds and gestures. Can you help them?..... A game where you can remember the sequence of sounds and gestures that are created by all the players from the images on the playing cards. 3 orangutan cards must be obtained before the bananas run out!

A game that: - Boosts mental agility, creative response and memory. - Includes game variables that allow you to change the difficulty and age range. - Combats shyness in children, teenagers and adults.

An exciting sound and gesture card memory game for the whole family to play. Catch all 3 orangutans before the bananas run out! Designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

Composition FSC paper and recycled cardboard

Illustration Canseixanta

Box dimensions 16,5x16,5x5 cm

Instructions in english, french, german. italian, spanish & catalan